Brand Consulting: Fixing Identity Challenges for Women’s Business Center Inc.

Brand Consulting: Fixing Identity Challenges for Women’s Business Center Inc.

Why a Name Change:


Identity confusion is common between the Women’s Business Center Inc. and its two programs the Women’s Business Center of South Alabama and the Women’s Business Center of Rural Alabama. Changing the name was pursued to clarify the subtle but very important differentiation between the corporate organization and its programs:

Womens Business Alliance  (formerly Women’s Business Center Inc.)

  • Focuses on networking for existing, established businesses
  • Builds membership/investors seeking to advertise to women business owners

Women’s Business Center of South Alabama and Women’s Business Center of Rural Alabama

  • Free services for women starting and growing businesses
  • Services centered around training & development
  • Networking events among new entrepreneurs

WBA-logo-BlogTarget Audience:

Professional women, entrepreneurs, high school graduates, typically with college-level education, or advanced career experience. Generally ages 35+.


We sought a mark to help convey the following key attributes:

  • Empower, invest, charge, endow
  • Teach, educate, guide, cultivate, incubate, nurture
  • Develop, evolve
  • Start, birth, create, spawn, devise
  • Entrepreneur, entre, enter, begin
  • Whiz, ace, adept, pro, prodigy, virtuoso
  • Enterprising, aspiring
  • Venture


The Colors:

The orange/red color was selected to represent passion and vigor, mixed with orange to represent creativity and invigoration.

The teal/blue color works on many levels. The teal blue is reminiscent of the location of the organization on Mobile Bay and Coastal Alabama, while the blue also represents knowledge, trust and tranquility. This particular color of blue is also called “Tiffany Blue” and has positive associations for women denoting luxury, wealth, and success.

Relevant Color Associations in Western culture

Red: Passion, Anger, Vigor, Love, Danger

Orange: Creativity, Invigoration, Unique, Stimulation

Blue: Knowledge, Trust, Tranquility, Calm, Peace, Cool



The Mark:

The head/flame represents the entrepreneurial spirit of our target audience. They top of the symbol represents the head of a female figure and also represents the flame and fire they feel propelled by in pursuing their dreams.

The leaping figure represents the movement and activity in the form of a moving spirit. The arms outreached represent an openness to embrace the new and unknown.


The Shape:

The circular shape made by the figures, lend itself well to other circular elements that will be used on the website to describe the cycle of a business and the circular concepts associated with business and its first development and growth.


Two Program Logos:

The corporate logo’s relationship to its programs are clearly represented with the small figures leaning opposite directions. The programs are represent different geographic regions for similar services and the new logos help explain this concept in a visual.