Avoid Rookie Business Mistakes on Facebook

Avoid Rookie Business Mistakes on Facebook

Facebook for Businesses

Top 3 Musts for a Productive, Successful Business Facebook Page

For those of you who may have missed my recent seminar on Facebook for Business, I shared some helpful pointers that everyone should know when optimizing their Facebook business page. In my small group seminars, I answer specific questions of attendees to customize the information presented so you may want to consider attending an upcoming class, but here are the basics.


1. Make sure it Makes Sense for your business

Not all businesses NEED to be on Facebook. Although many do, if you consider that recent statistics show that “one out of three people in the United States – more than 128 million – visit Facebook every day.” [Source: (Reuters article, By Jennifer Saba, Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:52pm EDT)

That is a pretty astonishing figure. Facebook has not yet released regional data for us to know how many folks from the Alabama Gulf Coast are using the network, but there is one easy way to find out: ASK. It’s the best way to know if your customers would happen to look for or would interact with your business on Facebook. One free, e-mail survey tool I have used successfully is SurveyMonkey. Or, you can see how closely the “average” Facebook user compares to your demographic. In an April 2013 article from Social Media Today, their analysis of Facebook reported the following:

  • For Facebook North American active users numbers are declining
  • The average age of Facebook users has risen from 38 to 41 years old
  • The number of Moms getting on Facebook is rising sharply
  • Teens are increasingly going mobile and Facebook is not their favorite app (new apps like Kik Messenger, WhatsApp and SnapChat that are grabbing the attention of teenagers)

2. Use images wisely. Let your Cover speak!

Facebook grid tool

Recent updates on Facebook have made images larger and more visible on the News Feed in both desktop and mobile versions. Your Cover Image should be sized correctly to 851 pixels by 315 pixels. Keep in mind this is a very horizontal image and nearly panoramic in appearance. Facebook shares guidelines in their help section. Think of your cover image as that billboard you always wanted to post on I-65 — now is your chance! Just avoid the rookie mistake that could take your page down! Facebook limits the text on cover images and news feed images to only 20% of the total image size. Never fear, they have a handy grid measurement tool that allows you to upload your image and test it!

3. Take time to understand Facebook’s EdgeRank. 

If you have spent anytime at all on your Facebook page’s Insights section, you may have noticed that very few of your posts are actually being seen by your fans. The statistics are quite shocking and show that only 17% of your fans even see those posts you have spent so much time developing. It pays to understand the Facebook algorithm. In short, the EdgeRank formula includes these three elements:

  • Affinity: a measurement of the relationship between the fan and the creator of the story. The closer the relationship the higher the score.
  • Weight: the type of posts (photos, videos, status updates, links, etc.) are each given a score based on the interaction and engagement from your fans.
  • Time Decay: As a post ages it continually loses value. The best way to manage this is to post often. So you can see, fresh content is a critical component for your Facebook page in addition to your website! This is definitely something I can help you with.

Content Fresh Marketing Consulting Small Business Beds and BlindsWant more tips? I welcome engagement on my Facebook page, of course! I would also like to invite you to attend my upcoming 3-hour hands-on seminar Facebook for Business held in Daphne, Alabama on October 15 at 8:30 a.m.