Master Facebook’s Latest Privacy Settings

Master Facebook’s Latest Privacy Settings

On July 8, Facebook rolled out a new search engine “Graph Search” which lets you search all the current and past posts, likes, and shares produced by the site’s more than 1 billion members. From a business perspective, Facebook is hoping it will encourage people to find others with similar interests. For example, to look for friends who like the same type of movies, you can search for “friends like film” as shown.


Facebook Graph Search How to Protect


It also allows you to search the web without ever leaving Facebook. The following shows results from Mobile, AL film.”

Facebook Graph Search how to search



So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. If you haven’t reviewed privacy in Facebook, I urge you to see what you are sharing and make sure you want it that way. Here is a tutorial of how to find out.

First find and click on the lock symbol in the upper right. Then choose the selection “Who can see my stuff?” Then, when you see the expanded selection, click “What do other people see on my timeline?” and select “View As.” Poke around here and see how your profile appears to the public.

Facebook Access to Privacy Settings

Click on each tab to see how things appear on each: Timeline, About, Photos, Friends, and the drop down menu for “More.”

In order to actually change how these items are viewed, you have to go to the next section. “Where do I review who can use or find things I’ve posted or been tagged in?” Select “Use Activity Log.”

Facebook Activity Log Privacy Settings


You may be surprised, as I was, at how much activity is visible and to whom. If you don’t like it, it is time to go on a clicking frenzy and protect activities that you don’t want others to see. Your own activities on Facebook are recorded, including who you have requested to be your friend, photos you have liked, comments you have made to other friends’ posts, and what pages you have searched. It may not bother you, but if you are worried about what is “out there,” this is the place to find it and to lock it down.

On the Activity Settings Page, be sure to select each of the items in the Left Sidebar to be sure you have your own privacy in check. If you have a lot of “apps” that are authorized to post on your behalf, they all do! Each app needs to be restricted. I tend to change my settings to “only me” so my own timeline isn’t full of all the games I play.


A note about Photos and Mobile Uploads:

You may notice that each of your photo album’s privacy has to be changed independently. For example, If you haven’t ever changed the settings on your own photo album “Mobile Uploads” it defaults to public, so many pictures you may believe are visible only to your friends, may possibly be available to the public.

Graphic image tutorial about Facebook Privacy settings
If you see the “globe icon” on the photo you didn’t know was public, you can select it and get the pop up message from Facebook with the options:  (1) I want the photo untagged. Remember: this photo still appears in news feed, search and other places on Facebook. (2) I want the photo untagged and taken down. If you want to remove this photo from Facebook, you should ask the owner to take them down.

Nice of Facebook to leave the problem of taking down or changing the photo with us! We have to go to our friend and ask them to change it.


In conclusion, Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon. Graph Search is here to stay. Make sure you understand the social networks you belong to and how they are using your information. From a business perspective, it is getting so much easier to find people interested in our products and services and it is easier for our customers to air complaints! Facebook is a treasure trove for human resources to learn about potential employees before hiring and it is a place where company secrets can be unwittingly shared by your employees with the world. Take care to learn what you need to know to protect yourself and your business.
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