Need More Facebook Likes?

Need More Facebook Likes?

Facebook OptimizationOptimize Before You Advertise!

If you haven’t noticed, it is getting harder and harder to get attention for Facebook business pages these days. It has truly come to the point where businesses succeed only with a few well-placed Facebook ads. I recently optimized a business Facebook page for a client and with a few tweaks, a bit of creativity, we were able to get the chart to show more of an upward swing, especially after the paid ad campaign began.

Here are some tips to Optimize your Page before you run your Facebook Ad Campaign:

Have your Facebook business page LIKE other, relevant pages. When people check out your business on Facebook, it is common to see what other pages are connected to your business. This is a great way to showcase your sponsors or supporters if you are a non-profit, or follow industry brands, trendsetters or other similar interests if you are a retail business. For an interior design business, following the world’s best designers is a great way to get ideas for content to share, and serves as resource for your customers as well.

Complete Your “About” Details. Use your best, most engaging pitch and inspire your new site visitors! Remember the “elevator pitch” you practiced before your last networking event, this is where it should go! Folks will skim this section quickly, so you only have a short chance to capture their attention. Hire a good writer if yours isn’t what it needs to be.

Facebook-TabsOrganize Page Tabs to Showcase Your Best Content. Do you have events but no videos? Change the order of your page tabs on your business page so they are easy to find. By clicking the down arrow when logged in as administrator, you are given the option to manage which tabs appear on the bar above the page Timeline.

If your Facebook page isn’t performing as well as you need it to, request a free consultation. We can point you in the right direction.