Resize Photos FAST

Resize Photos FAST

Resize FastDoes this happen to you? Someone needs you to email a bunch of the photos you took, but you only have them in the largest size possible. I take a lot of pictures, and usually, each image can be over 4 mb by itself. Impossible to send by email quickly. Or even upload quickly!

As someone who lives in the world of graphic design for traditional print and the web, I am always resizing pictures.

There are times, though, when you have to get this job done fast. I mean, really fast! Faster than it takes Adobe Photoshop to load on my computer.

Here is what I do:

Disclaimer: You must have Microsoft Outlook for this to work this way.

If I have a lot of photos to resize, this is the absolute fastest way.

#1: Browse to the folder with your images.

#2: Select the images you need to resize, or select the entire contents of the folder.

#3: Right click and select “send to” and choose mail recipient.

#4: The dialogue box that opens provides you with different options for resizing. The pixel width and height are typically the best judge. For many websites today, and larger widescreen monitors, the pixel width should be around 1200 wide. I selected this option and then, instead of sending the email, which would typically bounce back from being too large, I simply copy the files out of the draft email message and save them in a new folder. The resulting file sizes are less than 100kb, much easier to manage!

Note: If these are indeed for a website, they should also be optimized for screen resolution, which is typically 60% of the quality of a print-worthy image file and at a resolution of 72dpi.

Still this is the fastest way I know to get images to someone fast. All resized to the same width in pixels.

Watch this quick video!