SEO & Web Site Development



  • Mobile-friendly without a separate site
  • Active blog or newsfeed (RSS Feed) to generate organic traffic
  • Integrated social feeds, videos, and sharing buttons for Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Built-in forms collect contact data in databases for easy export
  • On-page SEO, content optimization, ensures the right keywords for your audience are located within your website
  • Website analytics installed to track site performance
  • Site meta information installed


  • Content managment tools make it easy for non-technical staff to update content and post updates
  • Active news feed and fresh content generate keywords for greater organic or unpaid search results
  • Site analytics tools measure site traffic, audience demographics and results of advertising efforts
  • Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! trust sites with the right back-end meta information like a sitemap, robots.txt, alt tags, title tags, and page titles