Strategy and Analytics

web traffic graphic analyticsIt’s all about the data.

When you analyze the demographic data of the visitors to your website and social media pages, or monitor the traffic flow of visitors as they navigate your website, it is much easier to determine how to optimize your site’s user experience and enhance customer satisfaction with your website. These days, your website is your business store front, and it better be inviting!

Here’s what Content Fresh can do for you:

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Content Fresh will help discover who is visiting your site, where they are from, what content they are selecting, how long they stay, whether or not they are engaged, and what web browser or mobile device they are using. Want to know about your visitors? We can show you, or show you how to find out.

Monitor Social Media Traffic
Content Fresh will determine whether your customers are coming from Facebook, Twitter, or both, and help you plan how to target these visitors on their preferred platform.

Content Assessments
What content is driving traffic that converts to business the best? Content Fresh will build content experiments that will provide insights into what is working best to turn visitors into visitors that complete an action on your site, like a survey or request form.

Facebook Insights
Once your business has been “liked” by enough users, Content Fresh will glean detailed reporting on who your fans are, where they are, and what content has been the most engaging.

Strategic Planning and Company Training
Group or individual planning and seminars based on SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), internal and external communications, and marketing plans and budgets.

Putting it all together.
It’s not just the numbers, but the analysis of how these numbers are going to convert into business sales, or help you achieve other business goals. With your business objectives outlined, the data can provide the path to success. Let Content Fresh help!