White-Spunner Re-Branding Consulting

White-Spunner Re-Branding Consulting

White-Spunner Logo Before and AfterDeveloping a logo for White-Spunner Construction, Inc.

White-Spunner Construction, Inc., was founded in 1981 by John White-Spunner. After more than 30 years in business and revenues nearing $200 million a year, the company was no longer a small, family-owned operation, but a sizable organization rapidly gaining notoriety within the industry nationwide.

Informal research concluded that the existing color and presentation of the business name had developed quite a lot of equity. (See included photos of historical usage.) The goal became to update the brand without losing the existing familiarity with the company or straying too far from existing brand materials.

A company logo had never been developed, but for the previous 10 years, a specific way of presenting the name, with White-Spunner on the top line and Construction, Inc., on the bottom line, had been used fairly consistently in the local community and with project signage. Additionally, a deep red color, PMS 201, was also used consistently.

A graphic design firm, J. Thomas, Inc., was hired to create a new logo mark and typography standard. After reviewing 10 logo designs, the management team settled on a logo mark that represented the letter “W,” which clarified the name White-Spunner. Without showing an “S,” the mark actually helped explain that there was only one man behind the name and that initial was a “W.” After the selection of the logo type and mark, a series of related projects was undertaken, including: design of business papers, development of a corporate sign standard for job sites, design of company truck graphics, and creation of a corporate identity standards manual.

One of the most effective results of the new branding materials was the consistent use of the same red and red line that had gained equity over the years. This helped the logo become instantly recognizable as the company everyone was familiar with, and also streamlined its look to better compete on a national level.